Become a Mentor

I. What is a Mentor?

1. A mentor is a guide. A mentor is someone who is ahead of you on the same path as you. A mentor is someone who feels a sense of social, ethical, and moral responsibility to intentionally engage with those coming along behind them.

2. A mentor is not someone with all the answers but, rather, someone who can work in a relationship where trust has been established with you to find to find an answer. A mentor is someone who is trustworthy.

3. A mentor is someone who will respect you as a person regardless of the decisions you end up making for yourself. A mentor’s job is not to show or tell you what to do or not to do next. A mentor’s job is to help you find your own way through informed decision making for what you decide to be the best decision for your future self.

4. A good mentor will care enough about you and your future self to give you information that is true and right even if it is not what you want to hear at the time. A great mentor will do this in such a way that you feel the weight of their words and not only hear the weight of their words.

5. A mentor is someone who does not play favorites but, rather, is fair with everyone around them equally and at all times. A mentor is someone who intuitively and instinctively goes out of his or her way to serve those in need around them.

6. A mentor is ultimately someone who understands that being a contributor to the world around them is an apex goal. A mentor knows that citizenship, belonging, and collaboration that leads to a positive outcome is one of the highest aspirations of all mankind.

II. Why do you want to be a mentor?

Instructions: In your own words, tell us why you want to be a mentor? Do you have previous experience in a mentoring relationship? If so, please explain. (required)

III. Goals and Expectations:

The goal of B.E.L.I.E.V.E. is to help students practice informed decision making for long-term consequences in every area of his or her life through a relationship with an older grade level peer mentor. Mentors practices honesty, integrity, responsibility, and self-restraint in avoiding high risk behaviors.

High risk behaviors include the decision to harm oneself through the use of illegal drugs, alcohol, and/or tobacco. As well, high risk behaviors include things that affect oneself and others like sexual activity and violence. High risk sexual behavior also include the use of pornography in any means including the activity of sending media content via the use of an electronic device, such as a media equipped phone, tablet, and/or other computing device in a person-to-person and/or social media stream, private or public.

High risk behavior through violence includes things like uncontrolled outbursts of anger, rage, and/or emotions fueled by feelings and thoughts of hate against another. Violence may take form in any of the following ways, such as, name calling, bullying, verbal abuse, physical abuse, and fighting.

As a peer mentor participating in B.E.L.I.E.V.E., I commit to remain sexually abstinent throughout the full duration of the mentoring program. I commit to remaining free from the use of alcohol, tobacco, and/or any other illegal controlled substance. I commit to avoid all forms of violence against myself and my neighbor. In addition, I commit to striving to live an exemplary life by conduct, by word, by deed, by action, and as a fellow citizen and peer, participating in good spirit and contributing to the world around me.

I commit to maintaining school attendance in accordance with the school attendance policy for good standing attendance records. I commit to making every effort to achieve, maintain, and excel for grades of 2.5 or above grade point average. I commit to be at every mentor and mentor/mentee meeting throughout the school year. I understand that missing two or more mentor meetings or mentor/mentee meetings per semester may result in my inability to continue as a mentor in the peer mentoring program.

I chose to commit to these things because I place a high value of importance on my public and private life. I understand that being identified as a mentor points a spotlight in my direction as someone whose character and actions are worth replicating. I understand that I represent my school, my administrators, teachers, coaches, directors, myself, those I mentor with, the mentoring program, and my parents. I understand that my decisions and behaviors affect those around me in either positive or negative ways. I understand that the mentoring program has the best version of my future self in mind. I agree to be held accountable for my public and private life.

Initials in the line, please.

IV. Experience

What other clubs, activities, and/or sports are you involved in?

What are your strengths/weaknesses?

Who is the best mentor you have ever had, if you have had a mentor, and why?

V: Personal Information

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