The Team

Pictured are team members from Life that Counts and our partner organization, PATH, based out of NW Rural Indiana for our annual Peer Mentor Coach Training held in Alabama.


Life that Counts, Inc. is a maximum impact 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization committed to helping Students make better decisions for more healthy outcomes!


But what does that mean?  In short, we are all the byproduct of our decision making.  What job or career you chose to do, who you chose to marry, where you chose to live, whether or not you chose to go to college – all of those decisions, and many more not listed, play a defining role in what your life looks like right now.


If we can partner with LEA, local education agencies, to bolster what schools are able to offer in terms of risk avoidance initiatives and social/emotional learning, then we can help change the world by impacting one student at a time.

Life that Counts ~ better decisions for more healthy outcomes!

Listen to Life that Counts’ CEO, John Williams, interview with Larry Hagner, founder of the Good Dad Project.