John’s assembly presentation is high energy, up beat, and intense!

He uses his blend and passion and humor to share how he overcame adversity early on in life having grown up in a home of substance and alcohol abuse without ever having met his father.  He connects with kids in only the way that all of his 6’3” and solid 250lbs can!

The presentation kicks off with high energy, give-a-ways for the students, and upbeat music as the students enter in.  As soon as the students are in the room and seated, a very short introduction is provided for your MC to share, and John goes straight to work.  “Motivational, inspiring, courageous, and riveting,” are usual comments that he receives from faculty and administrators after the presentation.

We always ask for event planners to allow time at the end for students who want to speak with John, one-on-one.  This is why John says he does school assemblies and its amazing the power of life change that can happen after one of his talks.

With close to 20 years serving students, John leads Life that Counts, a Positive Youth Development and maximum impact 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization based in Alabama that is committed to helping students make the best possible decisions for achieving the greatest possible outcomes.

The truth is every student in every classroom on earth has influence.

But think about this – Are they intentional with it?

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