“You’re Enough” School Assembly

Before we ever saw awful headlines of school shootings, John’s story walks the audience through his 6th grade experience from the early 90’s where a friend who once came to his aid, pulled a gun and took aim on the last day of school.  John’s talk confronts bullying and disrupts mean spirited trends on social media.  “You’re enough!” is the message that students walk away with as they are encouraged to believe in their own value and self worth in the face of a media culture that insists our value is tied to externals.

John’s talk addresses: 

      • school shootings

      • bullying

      • self worth

      • peer pressure

      • influence

      • belief in self 

      • hope for future self 

Thank you for stepping up for the kiddos and teens in your life!  As a token of our gratitude, we want to give you a well researched guide to help preteens and teens build strong self confidence and healthy relationships! 


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