Watch this powerful message from one of our students and let's make a positive impact together.

We can change the world, one kid at a time, one school at a time. 

 #differencemakers #education #empowerment #youreenough #lifethatcounts 

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Embrace your imperfections, own your mistakes, and always prioritize your well-being. 

Remember, it's okay to not be okay.

You are enough.

#selfacceptance #mentalhealthawareness #beyourself #youreenough #youareenough
We are reminded by this quote that greatness can come in many forms. We may not be able to change the world in one day, but together we can do small things in a great way and make a positive impact on the lives of students. Let's empower them to reach their full potential and to become the best version of themselves. 

#MLKDay2023  #Empowerment #SEL #Dream
Is your corporation or business looking for a good cause to get involved with?? 

Look no further! Support a school, student, or give the gift of programming to a community. Become a sponsor for 2023 and make a difference. 
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Inner work will be the work that pays off the most! Get to know yourself, strengths and weaknesses can be your foundation.
We’re always leading by example! Our actions and the way we carry ourselves affect those around us and influence them. Especially those that look to us for guidance. #selfawareness
Vaping is harmless right?? 
It’s a better alternative to smoking…? It’s the healthier choice. It’ll help you quit smoking cigarettes even. 

It’s time we stop buying the lies! And especially when it comes to our teens. 
Did you know that most adolescents get their vapes AT HOME. 

Parents —- click the link to this website to see the effects that nicotine and Vaping has on your teen.
Regulation is the masterful art of maintaining a healthy composure when you face a stressful situation, event, or circumstances which could cause you to have an amygdala, or as I've come to call it, an emotional hijack.  The ability to regulate gives your best thinking self the opportunity to shine in the moments that matter most.

In this episode, you'll hear the contrast between rumination and regulation, and how sleep plays a critical role in your daily production, output, and ultimate successes. 

Find this and other episodes of the podcast by visiting us at

#coregulation #corumination #FiveCsofDevelopment #PeakPerformance #PigmalionEffect #Temperament #SupportSystem #HealthyRelationships
Closing day with the 9th grade students at Jasper High School 😣♥️ 
It’s so hard to say goodbye!
Just be you!
Filling their tanks with words of affirmation 💕
Love languages aren’t just for couples!!
Learn to love everyone the way they interpret it. ❤️💕 
You can have your loved ones take a short survey. Often times we speak love in our language, so you might already know based off their actions.
Guess what!?! 
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Youth-Adult - So many colors available 

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New T-Shirts dropping in the shop today! 
Help your community by promoting healthy campus culture in the schools. 

Bulk orders available for schools at a discount. Any sizes & colors available! 
A healthy reminder that… YOU ARE ENOUGH!! #mentalhealthmatters @cullmanhighschool @vinemont_high_school @goodhopehighofficial @hancevillehighfootball @westpointhigh
9th grade orientation for Jasper High School. Do you have social & emotional programming at your school?? #socialemotionallearning #socialemotionaldevelopment
Trauma Informed Care 
Trauma is a widespread, harmful, and costly public health problem. Recognizing the value of learning trauma informed care practices can make a huge impact on your community and campus culture. 

🌻 RESIST Re-traumatization
Knowing yourself is the first step to a healthier mindset. Stand firm in your boundaries, beliefs, and values. 

Taking personality tests is a great way to learn about yourself and those around you. Click the link to get started
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