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The Student Culture at your school directly impacts test scores, attendance numbers, and the number of discipline referrals.  We want to offer Positive Youth Development as the antidote to redefine and reshape your school’s culture.  Join us at this highly engaging presentation to learn the 6 stages of Positive Youth Development and ReEnvision Youth Culture!

PYD is a small systemic shift in the way we facilitate students as influencers, i.e. intentionally creating outlets for positive peer pressure.

One of the primary sources of influence in adolescence is their peers.  Left alone, a tendency for negative peer pressure consistently seems to arise.  However, when we engage students to be intentional with their influence, student leadership, self-confidence, and school morale emerge.  Peer2Peer Mentoring has incredible power to positively impact all youth on campus at your school.  During this workshop, participants will learn how to implement a research-based, peer mentoring program in their specific settings.

Life that Counts is a Positive Youth Development and maximum impact 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization based in Alabama that is committed to helping students make the best possible decisions for achieving the greatest possible outcomes.

The truth is every student in every classroom on earth has influence.

But think about this – Are they intentional with it?

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