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Mrs. Caley Clark, School Counselor - WSS, Montana
Reaches the Unreachable
John reaches the unreachable!
Allison Lee, Administrator, Gadsden City High School
The assembly was very relevant to the life of our students. John addressed so many things that are affecting our young people and I feel like he truly held the attention of the kids - which is not an easy thing to do. His story and advice were well received. I wish he would have had another 30 minutes with the students. 30 minutes was not long enough. I appreciate what John is doing and would definitely recommend him to other schools.
Paige Cash, Counselor, West End High School
Today was a day that confirmed what I have felt was part of my calling in life. I started out my morning listening to a heartfelt message from John Williams. My 7th through 12th grade student body was so engulfed in the message he was sharing that you could hear a pin drop. Students were able to relate with John and his story on many different levels. This was a moment some of them will never forget. I really appreciated the transparency and realness that came out during our assembly. We followed the assembly with HERO training involving a hand selected group of students. Not knowing what to expect, I sat in to listen. The more I heard the more excited I got. We as human beings are born with a “drive” inside of us. We have to be taught by example how to use our “drive” to attain positive outcomes. My students were encouraged and motivated today to be strong enough for two and live out the positive for the world to see! We are going to continue what we learned today and use this group as a leadership team to make a positive impact on our student body and community!!! We are Patriot Proud and we want the world to know it!!
Mrs. Harriet Jacobs, School Counselor, Woodland High School
John's message resonated with many of our students. After the presentation several students approached him to talk and he continued to drive his message of a better life in those conversations. It was very evident he is a caring and passionate man. I am glad he got to come to our school.
Elycia, Executive Director of Friends First
..you were phenomenal full of passion and life and you could relate to youth of all races, gender and ages!! Personally my daughter attended your class and loved it!
Nate, History Teacher and Softball Coach
John knocked it out of the park! A home run for everyone in the room!
Noelia, High School Student
You're doing a really great job, John, and I hope that one day I can help people like you have.
Makayla, High School Student
Hearing your story has helped me because it was similar to mine! To be quite honest this saved my life. I was on a terrible path. Now I wanna share my story if it will help someone else.
Myah, High School Student
Thanks for that amazing speech you gave our school on Friday! It taught me to keep on moving forward and not to give up in the hard times. When you talked to me, afterwards, it was exactly what I needed after a bad week. Thank you so much! Now every time things get rough I will remember what you said, "Never give up in the tough times, always keep your head high!
Keana, High School Student
I've learned to set boundaries and to treat others like I want to be treated.
Sam, High School Football Coach and A.D.
This guy interacts great with the students and really meets them on their level. His message is challenging and relevant.
Peggy Dodds, Principal
Whatever you have to do, get this guy in front of your students.
Mark, Veteran Student Services Provider
Dynamic Speaker
John Williams is a dynamic speaker filled with humor and interaction!
Brandon (High School Student)
This encourages me to do things for others.
Shaun (High School Student)
Made a difference
Thanks a lot for coming in to talk to us, it really means a lot to me and i hope to the others. You really opened my eyes to a lot of things just by what you said. Thanks for sharing all that you had to say, it really makes me want to make a difference in my community and even my own life. Thanks a ton.
Maddy (High School Student)
Thanks a lot!
To be honest, your speech today at Johnstown really got to me. I appreciate that you came to our school. I already had a future planned for me and I've gone through a lot of things, but I chose the path of not turning out like everyone in my family. I chose the better path. That speech put me in my bag, but it also lifted my spirits because if you of all people could do what you did, then my goals can be achieved. Thanks a lot for that.
Shanel (High School Student)
You’ve helped me so much
"A few months ago I was in a really dark place in my life...at times, it was hard to sit and listen to what you were saying but I realized it was only the truth & it was gonna help guide me to somewhere better and more healthy...I just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to visit my school and that you have no idea how much you helped me!"