Life That Counts

Our Story
May 2012

Life That Counts is registered in the State of Tennessee.

Summer 2012
  • John Supports Family working with community organizations in Nassau and South Carolina

  • Moves back to Alabama to help with aging parents
  • John voluntarily provides the positive youth development model of peer-to-peer mentoring.
  • Without funding for two years John led weekly mentor training sessions and weekly mentor/mentee groups sessions at local high schools.
  • B.E.L.I.E.V.E. curriculum with his wife Alexis a Nationally Board-Certified Educator.

  • John had received a role in the community serving Chick-fil-A in Relationships and Marketing
  • May 2016, the school’s principal, Mr. Jimmy Collins, reported that attendance had jumped to first place in the district.
  • Record increase in test scores in every grade level
  • take the leap and lead Life that Counts in a full-time capacity
  • Funding through multi-state OJJDP grant with Elycia Cook
  • Lauren Moore joins the team to help making impact
  • Former student of John’s, Colin Wright, graduates Univ of N Alabama and joins the team applying his project management skills
  • Late Summer 2016 John & Lauren get to work without funding and no word until October
  • September 2016 LTC awarded OJJDP grant

  • OJJDP first reimbursement was received on January 24, 2017
  • decrease in discipline referrals by over 96%
  • Summer of 2017, John Williams was invited to speak at the Department of Education’s annual MEGA Conference on “ReEnvisioning Youth Culture.”Immediately following, he spoke at the State of Florida’s Character Camp at the University of Tampa, then provided workshops for the University of Alabama.
  • John Speaks at Univ of Tampa Character Camp.
  • Provides workshops for Univ of Alabama.
  • Speaking engagements spread to more schools in California, Washington, New York, Florida, South Dakota, Georgia and Alabama.

  • February 2018 school tragedy in Parkland, FL, John visited the state multiple times speaking on “How to Stop a School Shooter”
  • Jerry Smith, a local businessman & entrepreneur joins the team to assist with strategy and finance.
  • John takes LTC to the One Million Cups platform in multiple locations
  • John shares the stage with Drew Pinsky, formerly of MTV’s Love Line, and Tom Bilyeu, founder of Quest Nutrition at The Human Gathering, held annually in Malibu, CA.


  • John brings the LTC message to TED Talk.