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We believe that every young person, regardless of home life, skin color, or socioeconomic background can achieve and become whatever they want to achieve and become.  Our mission statement is to help others make better decisions for more healthy outcomes.  Everything we do is to help encourage and empower adolescent youth to define success in their own words and live lives that count. 

Life that Counts, Inc. was founded in 2012 by John Williams, a veteran youth worker who is still fighting against the odds.  When you see him today, you may assume he’s a tall clean cut white guy who looks like life handed him the winning hand – that assumption would be incorrect.  John has never met his biological father and grew up in an alcoholic and abusive home where there was always more month than money. 

Today, our work reaches across the United States where we specialize in helping young people navigate the challenges of life by understanding and processing their emotions in healthy and positive ways.  By partnering with local schools, law enforcement agencies, military recruiters, faith communities, and others who have a desire to build up the next generation, we help students learn how to become future focused while harnessing the skills needed to practice self-efficacy.  Thank you for stopping by and taking a moment to learn more about us.  We would love to hear from you.  Drop us a line by completing the contact form below.