“The definition of insanity is repeating the same thing over and over again, but expecting different.”  ~ famously attributed to Albert Einstein

From the archives: Nov 19, 2018

From infancy, we trivialize and quantify every aspect of our children’s lives from how much they weigh at birth, how many steps they took as a toddler, to how many points they scored on their ACT.

Sure, tracking data is one part of the experiment, but isn’t education more than one-upping your neighbor with the regurgitation of information in a standardized form?

Our intellectual developmental process is a lifelong journey of discovery prompted by the desire for how the physical world around, above, and beneath us works.

Education is the spark that gives life to creativity, it’s the fire that drives us deep into the night and early into the day searching for answers to life’s most perplexing, yet achievable challenges.

In his keynote to Huntsville, Alabama’s Creative Cities hosted by the Committee of 100, John Williams addresses the need for reform in education and the absolute necessity of doing better by those following up behind us.

We simply cannot afford to ignore that humanity’s greatest questions can be answered by upholding an outdated and antiquated methodology held together only by rule and tradition.  To put it bluntly, it is the bold, not the spineless sock puppet that leads the charge to innovation.

We must pioneer together spearheaded by the fire of human capital of limitless entrepreneurship and the MUST for doing better!

After all, it’s Rocket City!  We helped put a man on the moon and now we’re leading the world in civil defense, innovation, research, and development.

With Hope!

John Williams



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